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Complete Package

Package Includes:

*Everything included in the Nutrition Package
  • Cover letter
  • Nutrition plan
  • Daily food diary
  • Recipes
  • Tips

  • *Everything included in the Exercise Package
  • Cover letter
  • Your exercise program
  • Strength and aerobic training logs
  • Color photos detailing each exercise

    *Extras you get ONLY with this package
  • Personal support and motivation for 6 months
  • Udates on fitness delivered right to your e-mail
  • New and exciting recipes for low fat cooking

  • You get ALL this for the low price of just $39.95 + shipping!

    For the price of just 1 session with most trainers, you get all this plus my personal support for 3 months.
    That's right,UNLIMITED, personal support and motivation for 6 months.

    Always consult with your physician before beginning any exercise program.

    How to order
    Exercise Package
    Nutrition Package
    Home Page

    All photos of me are the property of Kathy's Gym and are not to be reused or copied in any way
    without the expressed written consent of Kathy's Gym.