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How to find the Right Trainer for You!

Questions to ask the Trainer:

  • What type of certifications and education do they have?

  • Look for nationally recognized certifications.(you can get info on most of these on the internet)

  • Do they have experience training "special populations"?

  • This is important especially if you have special needs, such as, joint problems, diabetes, or other medical concerns.

  • How long have they been a trainer?

  • Experience is so important, but don't be afraid to give a new trainer a chance if they meet all your other needs.

  • What types of people do they have experience training?

  • If the trainer works mostly with body builders and you just want to be able to walk without fainting, you may want someone with more experience training people with your same interests.

  • How does their schedule fit with yours?

  • The best trainer in town will do you no good if you can't ever get a session with them!

  • Are they insured?

  • This is important in case of an accident.

    Questions to ask yourself:

  • Does the trainer look professional?

  • You want to work with someone how looks and acts professional. Sloppy clothes or
    an unkept look may say volumes about how this person trains as well.

  • Does this person answer my questions in ways that I can understand?

  • A trainer can talk to you all day, but if you have no clue as to what they said,
    you will have communication problems in the future.

  • Do I like this person?

  • This may sound simple, but if you don't really "like" this person
    you won't enjoy working with this person every week.

    Always consult your physician before beginning any exercise program

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