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Finding the Right Gym

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Top Ten Things to Look For:

1. Is the gym in a convenient location?
Choose a gym that's close to your home or office.

2. Does the staff, from the people
at the front desk to the attendents
in the locker rooms,
make you feel welcome and comfortable?

From the minute you walk in the door,
you should be made to feel welcome.
Someone should greet you
with a smile and offer any assistance.

3. Do they offer staff or
private personal trainers?

If you have never used weight machines before,
you want to make sure that the gym offers
someone to show you the proper form
for each exercise at a reasonable cost.
Some gym have staff trainers you can use for free.

4. Does the gym offer classes for
your fitness level?

Beginner, intermediate, and advanced
classes should be available.

5. Do they offer a variety of classes?
Step aerobics, aerobics, water aerobics,
spinning, kick boxing, and yoga just to name a few.
If they don't offer the class you want to take
ask the staff if they will be
offering it soon, if not, you may want
to find another gym.

6. Is the gym clean?
The gym should smell and look clean. Check the
shower and locker areas, they should be clean
with no mold or mildew. Also check the
pool and weight machines, everything should
be neat without things on the floor
to avoid tripping.

7. Do you have to wait in line?
Visit the gym at about the time you will
be working out. If this is the busiest time for
the gym, you may have to wait to use
the machines or other facilities,
this could add time to your workout
and be an inconvenience.

8. Lighting?
If you will be going to the gym at night,
make sure there is ample lighting
in the parking lot. Also check with the staff
about any security concerns.

9. Contracts?
Some gyms have you sign long term contracts
and others offer month to month
or specials. You know your financial
situation better than anyone, so look for
a gym that offers terms that fit your budget.
Don't get pressured to sign
anything your not comforable with.

10. Overall rating?
Ask yourself, on a scale of 1-10,
where would you rate this gym!
It should rank between 7 and 10,
if not, you may want to look around
a little more.

Always remember to use proper gym etiquette! Be sure to wipe off seats after you're finished, no one wants to sit on a sweaty seat.

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